Ethan Hartman


Annelise Jeske


Mike Morales


Andrew Pelkey

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Ethan has worked for tech startups since the "early aughts" as he likes to say, with a notable side trip into winemaking in the middle of that decade. He's a "get things done" kind of guy, and excels in setting up operational frameworks where there aren't any.  Before LaunchPack, he spent several years at MakerBot building their support team, and has since done the same for several other NYC startups.  He holds degrees from Columbia and Stanford, and is generally known as the team's "people person."




Storytelling is what it's all about for Annelise. She's an expert at teasing out the most intriguing part of any tale and her years of experience with shooting, editing, directing, and producing allow her to take videos all the way from concept to completion. She loves working with passionate entrepreneurs because of their contagious enthusiasm, and she's always on the look out for opportunities to help emerging brands define their voice and image from the ground up.




Mike oversees design across all client engagements for LaunchPack. Prior to founding LaunchPack, Mike was Creative Director at MakerBot where he was responsible for managing the company's global operation, overseeing all creative output, and personally directing and designing for key products. Mike has over 11 years of design experience with strengths in many branches of the design world ranging from brand to product design.




Andrew is a big picture kind of guy, always working to set projects up for the greatest success through sound strategy and planning. He’s written analysis for the White House and the Military, but also for, like, a denture company. Before LaunchPack, Andrew was the Lead Copywriter at MakerBot. He helped the company rebrand, and took the lead on positioning extremely successful new products. He is but a shell of a man without his cat and his Kindle.